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The 1974 Club 


As Eta Pi and UCF continue to thrive and grow, we are faced with new challenges in improving our chapter house and preparing for future needs. That's why we are reaching out to you, our dedicated supporters, to join us in making a difference.

Over the years, we have made significant strides in enhancing the infrastructure of our beloved house. However, with a house of this magnitude, there is always more work to be done. We aim to create a space that truly reflects the spirit and values of our vibrant community.

This inspiring fundraising initiative was sparked by the incredible achievements of our brothers at Eta Iota (Embry-Riddle). Their unwavering dedication has raised over $500,000, empowering them to carry out numerous house improvements. Now, we turn to you, our generous donors, to help us achieve similar success.

Rest assured that 100% of your contributions will be directed towards the Eta Pi Chapter House Capital Improvement Fund.  Your donations will be used exclusively to finance vital upgrades and enhancements, ensuring a better future for our members.  The donations will also be used for Funding Bell Chapter, Participating in Sigma Chi training for chapter officers and brothers, as well as scholarship funding.  

By donating today, you become an integral part of our ongoing journey toward excellence. Together, we can create an even more remarkable and inviting home for future generations of Eta Pi brothers.

Join us in shaping the future of our chapter house. Your support makes all the difference. Donate now and leave a lasting legacy of progress!

Membership Options

Constantine Level 

$164.50 per month 

Founder Level 

$100 per month

Norman Shield Level 

$62.50 per month

White Cross Level 

$41.67 per month 

Gold Level 

$19.74 per month 

Let's Talk Numbers 

The benefits are simple. With a balanced mix of on-going contributions of various amounts, the power of compounding interest can make this the primary source of funding for all potential options. The 1974 club will assist us tremendously as we make significant infrastructure improvements to ensure the long-term viability of the property.   Please, sign up today, and provide your House Corporation the support it will need for tomorrow.

What is the Money Used For?

1974 Club was set up as a long term savings plan with the intent of provide funding for significant capital improvement projects at our current house.  Sigma Chi is one of three fraternity houses remaining on campus, therefore, the House Corporation has directed additional funding from the 1974 Club Fund to maintain and improve the current infrastructure.    
The rent paid by the active chapter covers Risk Management Foundation (property and liability insurance), loan obligation, and a significant payment for house maintenance.

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1974 Club Options

  • Constantine Level

    Every month
  • Founder Level

    Every month
  • Norman Shield Level

    Every month
  • White Cross Level

    Every month
  • Gold Level

    Every month
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